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ABPC Statement on Affirmative Action Ruling

Although the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling declared race-conscious admission programs for higher education institutions unlawful, the Arkansas Black Philanthropy Collaborative remains steadfast in its commitment to improving social and economic outcomes for Black communities across Arkansas.

In her dissent criticizing one of two rulings that gutted affirmative action and undid decades of precedent, Justice Kentaji Brown Jackson aptly stated, “...deeming race irrelevant in law does not make it so in life.” Despite the progress our nation has made toward achieving racial equity, significant disparities still persist for Black Americans and other people of color in areas such as educational attainment, health outcomes, socioeconomic status, and the criminal legal system.

The ABPC’s mission is to establish a network of Black philanthropy professionals and Black-led organizations throughout Arkansas, dedicated to designing innovative solutions for driving social change in the state. At a time when numerous racial equity policies and processes are being rolled back – both in our state and across the nation – it is imperative that philanthropic institutions continue to collaborate with historically disenfranchised communities to ensure that diversity remains a source of strength for our state and nation.



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