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Aviate Through Knowledge, Inc.

Founded in 2014, Aviate Through Knowledge, Inc. (ATK, Inc.) is dedicated to empowering underserved and marginalized populations in central Arkansas through educational and social best practices for the 21st century. The nonprofit offers several resources, including RESPOND-I-BILITY, the Unburied Truth Series, Prolific Leaders Awards, and more. We spoke with co-founder and director Edmond Davis about the work of Aviate Through Knowledge and what lies ahead for the organization.


What success stories have you experienced since receiving the grant from the Building Black Communities Fund, either internally and externally?

Nearly 1,000 students have been exposed to the social and emotional life skills of RESPOND-I-BILITY. RESPOND-I-BILITY is a community outreach program that fosters cultural and social competences designed to equip young minorities with skills needed to respond-responsibly when engaged with law enforcement authorities. 

In October 2021, we completed a RESPOND-I-BILITY presentation at Cloverdale Middle School in Little Rock. A 24-year-veteran officer of the Little Rock Police Department who works as a Resource Officer at the school noted in appreciation the success that RESPOND-I-BILITY had on students following the interactive presentation. Additionally, campus administrators were pleased at the way their students responded responsibly to authority figures and their peers.

From an internal standpoint, we have been able to enhance our position for improved quality of images, videos, and advertising abilities.

What do you wish more people knew about ATK, Inc.?

We would like citizens in the areas ATK, Inc. serves to know that we are available year-round. We provide various resources and are able to travel all over the state of Arkansas and beyond. It’s our hope to give our interactive presentations to students in junior high, high school, and college. We want more Arkansans to know that this nonprofit started in Little Rock. We ask that everyone who has been exposed to ATK’s resources – in particular RESPOND-I-BILITY – share their knowledge with others to increase awareness.


How can people support your nonprofit?

It would greatly enhance our vision and mission if more people openly supported ATK, Inc. We hope that the Building Black Communities Fund can position people, organizations, funders, and community stakeholders and leaders to know what RESPOND-I-BILITY means, what we do, who we are, and our mission statement. Their knowledge of us would increase our chances of fiscal support for the nonprofit. Once people know, we hope that they can support ATK, Inc. in all areas of influence. Sharing our nonprofit literature online and in-person is a way that citizens can support our nonprofit.

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